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Unilever Exceed – First Digital Annual Conference in Unilever Bangladesh History

On the 27th & 28th of January 2021, together with Unilever Bangladesh Limited – we organized the first Digital Annual Conference in Unilever Bangladesh History. The event took place over two days, where we hosted a keynote speech, an award ceremony, a digital tea session with the Chairman & Managing Director – Mr. Kedar Lele & his guests and finally an entertainment segment called “Unilever’s Got Talent”.

With less than 3 weeks of preparation, we successfully pulled off the event. Few major highlights among many, were connecting 650+ Viewers, Participants, Judges & Unilever Bangladesh Limited Stakeholders over an online session.

Another golden moment was when awardees got their awards at real time. By this we mean, as their names were announced online – immediately they got a ring on their door & found their awards being given by our team in real life! Can you picture how amazing an experience that was?

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