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COMMITTED to challenge the orthodox thoughts of

experiential marketing process with INNOVATION

Our expertise lies in Brand Strategy, Experiential Marketing and Event. High Voltage Limited live by its name by creating content that gives exciting experience of the brand to the audiences by creative disruptive innovation.

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Who We Are

Easiest way to describe us would be through a small story. Did you know, our name came from our peers? It rooted from our pursuit of never settling with mediocrity & constantly pushing for excellence in every walk of execution.

Our team at High Voltage Limited specializes in providing marketing solutions that create sustainable & lasting conversations between brands & consumers. We do so by communicating the right message, at the right time to the right audience.

This requires us to understand our customers & the different platforms where we can reach them effectively - resulting in us disrupting the existing ATL, BTL, Rural, Digital & Trade Marketing platforms through efficient Horizontal & Backward Integration

What Sets Us Apart

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How We Do What We Do


Features & Highlights

Our Latest and Greatest




Team High Voltage has brought in 3 awards from the Commward 2019 through Crafting Campaign that Disrupts the Conventional. The Categories are:
1. Best Campaign by New Agency
2. Campaign for Women
3. Activation and Promotion
The team highly appreciate the partners who supported us creating this Campaign, and we also express our heartiest gratitude to Vaseline and Unilever team for believing in us.




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